I sell my house!

The house is divided into commercial and private sectors. It is divided into pension, restaurant, Pizzeria, wine cellar, garden, garages and generous private living Flat.

The house was built in the year 1993 and 1994. If you are interested in an purchase, visit my pension.

At present the house is used as pension, restaurant and pizzeria. The Pizza is baked in an wood-heated stone furnace. La Romantica is very popular because of the beautiful house, messuage, fantastic feeling, and decoration. The plant is of the city centre 300 m, from which therapeutic baths removes 400 m. There are health reasons, that why i will go back to Germany.

The entire habitable area amounts to 546 square meter. Main building has 442 square meter. Over the garages are dwellings with 104 square meter.

Why is the building unique and from high quality?

I am the current owner of the house. I was working for 35 years as a civil engineer in the Federal Republic. Since I am native Hungary, I planned and built this house for me in Hungary. I was also the person the execution supervised. This was the reason to use the highly developed German building technology and standard.
The best materials were used, into which no toxic substances are present. In Germany one would say that there is ecologically valuable materials.
Since the house was not planned 0815, but many individual characteristics has, most works were not made by machine. It is to be seen at the pictures with the hand carved,
9 m high bars of the front.A fantastic furnace with the handmade clay brick and the modern heating and solar plant, it's shown also.


Building specification:

general data:

Property surface totally:

entire habitable area :

1,329 qm

546 qm



Property basis height

0,00 m

Height attic

+3,85 m

Height basement

-2,05 m

Roofridge height

+9,00 m

Height ground floor

+0,90 m

Height of wine cellars

-4,0 m

Foundations: Strip foundations (frost low), with point loads with reinforcing. In Basement 15 cm gravel filling 2xPE foil, 15 cm reinforced concrete base plate.

Blockage: Isolation against humidity at the basement walls in the external area, 3 layers finery with hand laid on, 2 x foil, 2 x Wandex (= non-shrink grouts on mineral basis manufactured), 50 mm Polystyrene, Welleternit

Material for the walls: burned stones, Ground floor and attic = Poroton 38 cm, Falls of Poroton.
Covers: 18 cm thickens reinforced concrete with local formwork, Randabstellung mit Poroton Formsteinen.
Kamin: von Schindel, 2 Zügig mit 2 Kammer Entlüftung.

Roof: standing roof framing, with planed and fully visible rafters. Insulation outward: PE foil, groove and feather boards, 12 cm ISOLITH fibre glass on aluminum cover, PE foil.

Roofing tile: burned beaver tail in double covering. Verges and gutters from copper.
Window: from timber frames according to European Union DIN 68x80, with ROTO fitting.

Internal doors:
from several times more glued together Siberian Spruce manufactured substantial, cartridges - internal doors, with transparent surface treatment.

Heating: Under-floor heating, with VAILLANT gas-fired boiler, customs warm water with Vakumsollar, and 500 L hot water tank, (in Hungary ca.2000 hours of sun) all lines is from copper.

: by mechanical devices, and in natural way.

Kanalistion: separate system, connection at the main line on the road.

Wine cellar: Fully air-conditioned Gewölbe approx. 14 x 3m large wine cellars with a volume approx. 100 Hektoliter (ca.10000 L), bricked from sawed Riolituf - stones. With approx. 30 wooden wine barrels and many additional devices.

carved of massif wood gate with 6 X 5 meters. It was made of Mooreland oak.
The demarcation to the adjoining properties was bricked. It partly consists of niches, which are bricked with natural stones. These are lit up at night.

Garden: is very beautifully, rustikal, romantically put on with much love. In the center is a wonderful garden pond. At the garden pond are a pavilion covered with reed. For the water supply of the messuage, two wells are in the garden. There one has the depth of 13 m. The other with a depth from 57 m is for the potable water supply.


Hajdúszoboszló is located in the north- eastern part of the Great Hungarian Plain, 200 kilometres east of Budapest, and 20 kilometres south-west of Debrecen. Three regions meet one another at our town's boundary: the Hajdúhát ridge from the north-north-east, Hortobágy from the north-north-west, and the Great Sárrét and Berettyó region from the south. This is a landscape "where the earth and the skies meet," it is not a monotonous plain, not even for travellers accustomed to romantic mountains, sine here and there the landscape is enlivened by the backwaters of the Tisza river with patches of reed, thousands of wild fowl, and inviting groves. The surroundings are the renowned puszta, the "glorious plain". Szoboszló lies at a height of scarcely 100-110 metres above sea level and slopes down a little towards Hortobágy. We even have a "river" of our own, a stream winding through the town. A 12-14 km reach of the Eastern Main Canal runs along the boundary of the town in north-south direction. This canal does not only serve the purpose of irrigation, but is also a splendid place of relaxation for the locals and their guests wishing to go in for swimming, boating, fishing or gardening in natural surroundings. One of the natural values of the region, besides the fertile agricultural areas, the gas fields and the medicinal water, is the abundance of sunshine. The number of hours of sunshine reaches, or sometimes even exceeds, two thousand hours on an annual average. That is to say, Hajdúszoboszló is one of the sunniest regions in Hungary. The prevailing wind direction is north-western. On the one hand, the micro-climate of the medicinal baths and the surroundings, with the iodine content and salty humidity of the air, speeds up recuperation, on the other hand, the visitors here always have a good chance to enjoy fine weather, for to be sure, the number of winter days is merely 30-40, with an average temperature of 0 °C, and the number of summer days with an average temperature of 25 °C is 80-85.

Thermal water

The thermal water of Hajdúszoboszló comes from a depth of 1100 meters and has a temperature of 73°C. Its excellent curative effect is due to its composition (iodine, bromine, sodium chloride, hydrogen carbonate, maltha and the related trace elements such as estrogen, titanium, copper, zinc, silver, barium, vanadium and lead). The thermal water has a high content of alkali ion, iodine and bromine therefore it is recommended for the treatment of chronic arthritis, degenerative articular distortions, chronic nervous problems, inflammatory nerves, aftercare of Heine-Medin disease as well as palsy remaining after strokes, brain surgery or other problems, chronic muscle pain and injuries, vasoconstriction, chronic gynaecological diseases, infertility and chronic dermatological diseases.